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Thank you for your precious gift. Your help allows us to share the creation message of Genesis 1-2 with people near and far, many of whom have never heard the scientific evidences that affirm the history and truth presented in God's Word.

You will likely have just received our fall research update letter, and I appreciate your careful consideration about continuing your financial support for this crucial biblical creation ministry. As you know, ICR approaches spending initiatives with care, ensuring that donations are invested in a manner consistent with our mission statement. As an example, we saved nearly $20,000 in the production of our recent fall mailing of 56,475 letters. We save around $50,000 a year doing our own mailings. These savings allow us to invest more of the support we receive from gracious donors like you into furthering God-honoring research and outreach.

For those who are newer to our ministry, we provide a variety of ways to support ICR's work. Questions about general donations can be directed to Margie Medford at . We're also happy to assist you regarding charitable gift annuities (CGAs), charitable remainder unitrusts (CRUTs), will planning, donations from IRAs, donor-advised funds, stocks, or mutual funds. All you need to know about planned giving to ICR can be found on our website at, or you can contact Regina Krieg at .

Your gift helps the Institute for Creation Research bring the encouragement of biblical creation to believers in Christ and to those who desperately need the gospel message. Know that the hand of our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ, continues to guide those of us at ICR in our quest to give Him alone the glory and honor due His name (Colossians 1:15-17).

All for Our Creator and Redeemer, the glorious Lord Jesus Christ,
Charles (Chas) C. Morse
Director of Donor Relations


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